What I found compelling about Larry Lessig’s video


In Larry’s video he said “Using digital technology to say things differently, technique has been democratized. These tools of creativity have become tools of speech. It is a literacy for this generation. This is how our kids speak it is how our kids think it is what your kids are as they increasingly understand digital technology and the relationship to themselves.” I felt like Larry should’ve gone more in depth with this topic because what does he actually mean that this how kids talk nowadays from what i know kids don’t talk like as if there speech were cut up and put together from other videos of them talking. Is he talking about the use of slang that comes from the internet because his explanation didn’t really make sense to me.

Copyright- is a property across the web that gives the owner the right to make copies of the original work.

Fair use- permits limited use of copyright material without having permission from the original owner.

Why is there copyright? I feel like there is copyright so people don’t take the credit for someone’s hard earned work or creativity.

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